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“Samputana,” in Sanskrit means rising, ascending, and flying together, to reach the highest within ourselves
Inspired by a miniature painting (from the Deccani region) from the Gulshan i-Ishq’ folio which is based on the story of Prince Manohar and Princess Madhumalti and the poems and sonnets written in Deccani Urdu by the famous Sufi poet Shaikh Sayyid, this work is a contemporary rendition of the female support and empowerment. The folios are at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
Application sketches for the company 'Yog Love', started by the author and celebrity Ira Trivedi : 
Inspiration & REFERENCE IMAGES from the Deccani folios which are illustrate the love story of the Princess Madhumalti and Prince Manohar : 

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