materials & techniques: silk wool, mohairs, linens on a single bed knitting machine
This garment reinvents an old Chanel garment but attempts to contextualize this era of clothing in the ethos of 'retro Bollywood' which was prevalent in the '90s, which is when this garment was made by Chanel. Skills used included extensive color sampling, yarn selection to make the most manufacturable textile, and shaping techniques on the single bed knitting machine. Considerations had to be made about how the model would fit and inhabit this garment. The collaged brassier shown at the end is the experimental mode which is the manner in which this garment can be reimagined and contemporized for the modern consumer. 
retro bollywood references for color swatching and pattern construction : 
digital drafting for knit patterns : 
360° view of the model : 
the collaged brassier can be used to create modern iterations of the original garment. 

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