materials & techniques: mohairs, nylon & viscose on a single bed knitting machine
This garment is a contemporary translation of the Maharashtran saree: a Nauvari, which was the traditional attire for Maharashtrian women from all sectors of society. 
The work translates the stiff but versatile form of the Nauvari saree into a contemporary garment that embodies the trend of athleisure and mimics the stylistic qualities of the 'Dhoti' Style in which the saree is wrapped around the axis of the body. This garment is designed for the brown female body: the body which is often left out of the narrative perpetuated by modern fashion. It takes into consideration the curves of the voluptuous brown body and prioritizes breathability, comfort, and an accentuation of the features of the brown body which are most often concealed by brown women. The stripe is used as a key formal quality, contorted through its situation on the female body, to highlight and celebrate the fertility and fecundity of the curvaceous form of the brown figure. 
color swatching & sampling in relation to the main reference : 
 The garment : 
studying the garment in motion
considering the manner in which the stripe lies on the body & how the curves of the brown body can be held and embraced by the fabric: 

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