Yukti Agarwal is a textile designer, museum curatorial enthusiast, and social activist

She is a current honors student in the Brown | RISD Dual Degree Programmajoring in Textiles with a minor in the Theory and History of Art and Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and Contemplative Studies with Engaged Scholarship from Brown University.
She is a research assistant in the Costumes and Textiles Department under Kate Irvin at the RISD Museum, Vice President of the South Asian Students Association, and a South Asian Research Fellow, among other qualifications in and around the Brown and RISD communities. Additionally, she has worked with design tycoons such as Pavitra RajaramSabyasachi, and Asian PaintsYukti has also had her textile works displayed at many on-campus and off-campus fine arts exhibitions, including having artist books in the permanent collection of Special Collections at the RISD Fleet Library and the John Hay Library at Brown University.

Yukti's love for textile spills over into her social work which is bolstered through her work as an Engaged Scholar at Brown. She has worked extensively in the area of fund-raising for Non-Governmental Organizations in India in addition to having started her own NGO: Handmaking Hope. All of her fundraising endeavors have been aimed at providing better educational facilities, through the means of promoting textile handicrafts, for young women in India who are often denied even a primary education.
Yukti is also an avid yogini & mindfulness facilitator. After practicing Yoga daily for 15 years she received her diploma in Yoga & Meditative Studies and use it to teach underprivileged children every weekend. After 2 years of research, she launched a series of cards called 'Healing with the Heart,' which empowers the general public to heal themselves psychosomatically through the visual aids provided in the post-CoVID era. 
Yukti believes in a healthy work-life balance & always carves time for herself and her family while maintaining excellent performance at work. She makes time & space to regularly read books of historical fiction, visit museums of art & design, take long walks to collect fallen flowers, & meditate in her daily life. 
she is a proud woman of color in the field of design. ​​​​​​​
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