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Creating artist books to share intimate stories and fundraise for feminine hygiene in rural India


Housed in the permanent Special Collections of ︎︎︎ The Fleet LibraryPeriod (Note)Pads have been made with real sanitary ‘pads’ and tampons.  Each book is a representation of each day of a regular menstrual cycle, outlining the emotions, feelings, and blood flow that are typically experienced as a result of hormonal changes in a woman.

“Special Collections” is an umbrella term for archives, books, and manuscripts that are rare, old, or worth preserving.

Through this purchase, a hundred and sixty-two women in rural India were provided with access to women’s hygiene products through a machine that allows them to hand-make products for safe sanitation. 

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Each book is typified by the emotions felt on each day of a regular cycle—and the transparent box is a parody of how pads are often hidden and sold in many countries.  

Period (Note)Pads was awarded the ‘Innovative Materials Prize’ (awarded to 1 of 200 applicants) and purchased by The Fleet Library’s Special Collections


1 week (Jan ‘21)

Found Materials, Feminine Products, Embroidery Floss, Acrylic Sheets, Raw Fiber  

Library Collections:
The Fleet Library at Rhode Island School of Design 
Founded in 1878, ︎︎︎ The Fleet Library is one of the country's oldest independent art college libraries.

Storytelling, Concept Development, Content Writing, Fundraising, Collaging, Embroidery, Bookbinding


Lobbying for your work is important.
Through conversations and dialogues about my work and its significance, I was contacted by the aforementioned collections to purchase my work. This would not have been possible without the people who guided me, and listened to me, as I spoke about my work. 

Fundraising is only effective when you aim to provide sustainable means, not temporary solutions.
Through conversations with the women who were served through this project, they mentioned their appreciation for the fact that they were provided with sustainable means to cope with certain localized issues.


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As a multidisciplinary thinker, my work aims to reimagine societies and futures through engaged research and purposeful design and innovation. 

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Brown | RISD Dual Degree Program

Majors 3 
    Textile Design  
    Mindfulness Studies

Minor 1
    Art and Design History



Current Work:
Brown + RISD Honors Thesis

How can the multisensorial design of public space facilitate moments of implicit mindfulness in momentary experiences—to develop more dispositionally mindful communities?