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Writing and designing the first journal of engaged, emic scholarship by a South Asian woman on Kashmiri shawl weaving traditions. 


Funded by ︎︎︎ RISD Research︎︎︎ UNESCO Creative City Network, and the ︎︎︎ Government of India, this journal explores the Lucy Truman Aldrich collection at the ︎︎︎ Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design to problematize and reframe colonial systems of knowledge acquisition and transmission as they pertain to craft communities. 

kashmir // cashmeer is a 200-page journal that thoroughly researches basic stylistic features, production techniques, material properties, and historical and cultural traditions of weaving in the Kashmir Valley through post-colonial theory and engaged scholarship practices. 

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“In researching the museum’s collection, I realized the need for a greater understanding of the material processes that go into the creation of these shawls. From the grazing of the endangered Changpatani goats whose hair is used to spin the yarn to the dyeing of the yarn to the weaving of the shawls on old pine looms. The labor that goes into such masterful creations, and the people who carry it out, are often overlooked.”

    ︎︎︎ Students Yukti Agarwal and Gina Vestuti Promote Social Equity through RISD-Funded Research

“This opportunity to extend research, knowledge, and experiential learning while supporting the museum’s mission to open access and diversify interpretation of items in its collections to include those not traditionally invited in will no doubt bear fruit for many years to come and on many levels.

— Kate Irvin
Curator of Costumes and Textiles, Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design

kashmir // cashmeer critiques indigenous knowledge systems extrapolated into Western knowledge systems and heavily anglicized during the colonial project.

kashmir // cashmeer increases access to indigenous knowledge by bringing native terminology, community voices, and the importance of embodied knowledge to the forefront of contemporary discourse.

kashmir // cashmeer dismantles the neutrality of the colonial space of the museum through engaged scholarship guided by communities often silenced in such spaces.


Funded by:
         RISD Research, RISD Museum, UNESCO Creative City Network, J&K Government of India

100 weeks (2021 -  2023)

G-Suite, Adobe InDesign

Engaged Research, Language Translations, Writing, Content Creation and Curation, Creative Direction, Editorial and Print Design, Print and Publishing, Community Outreach, Strategic Partnerships, Fundraising, Circulation and Distribution


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As a multidisciplinary thinker, my work aims to reimagine societies and futures through engaged research and purposeful design and innovation. 

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Brown | RISD Dual Degree Program

Majors 3 
    Textile Design  
    Mindfulness Studies

Minor 1
    Art and Design History



Current Work:
Brown + RISD Honors Thesis

How can the multisensorial design of public space facilitate moments of implicit mindfulness in momentary experiences—to develop more dispositionally mindful communities?